Sunday Live Shows 20191006 RECORDED

Back on air! Live from our studio in the Netherlands. The best way to end your weekend. Let’s spin some new music & old school dance tracks . Cams are rolling and chatbox is open!

17-19h CET; DoucheCo with Michiel van der Brugge. He will play the best tracks from the classic hit chart once broadcasted on RSDH. This weeks chart is from October 19 1985. If you want to see all these charts? Click HERE
Zit je er weer klaar voor? Jullie hebben via facebook je keuze gemaakt en Michiel draait ze uit de enige echte Haagse Flitsende 50 van weleer. Deze week de lijst van 19 oktober 1985!

Between 19-20hr a very special mix by Marco di Luna. Theme is the TR-808 drummachine. Marco mixed many TR808 tracks in 58 minutes like Man Parrish, Alden Tyrell, David Vunk, Koto, Hashim, mantronix etc. You can find this mix on Mixcloud

20-23hr CET… Let’s have a radio party! The gang is at your service to play the best Italo, electro & Hi NRG tracks from vinyl & Ofcourse we play your requested songs
Click HERE to submit your track. or to leave a comment.

ja ja, voor de Nederlandse luisteraars, het is de day after the Final Tribute to Discotheek de Marathon, ben jij geweest?? En..heb je het boek? Je kunt er vanavond 1 komen halen in de studio voor 25 Euro! gepast meenemen. of online en we krijgen weer leuke gasten over de vloer
Also this evening… 23rd Underpass (Costas Andriopoulos/Greece) has a new track with a new singer, allready sold out at Bordello, we play ‘I hear voices in the night’ from video. Then New Gen from Russia, Alexander Panoff is Neo Romantic we play iI wanna wake you up.

Also Every sunday, a bit after 10:30pm CET a mini-mix (APK mix) by Marc Hartman.
‘Even-over-half-met Hartman’ (Radio 10) met een gave APK mix van 6 minuten

Within 24hrs all shows are in our download section, and on mixcloud & youtube, and the playlist will be in the comments.

1 thought on “Sunday Live Shows 20191006 RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – Oct. 06, 2019.
    -Aki – Magic Love (1987)
    -Blind Date – Your Heart Keeps Burning (1985)
    -Exposé – Point Of No Return (1984)
    -Mozzart – Jasmin China Girl (1988)
    -Mark Bronson – Don’t Leave Me Lonely (PDM Remix) (2019)
    -Patrick Cowley – They Came At Night (1983)
    -Bad Boys Blue – I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (1986)
    -23rd Underpass – I Hear Voices In The Night (2019)rsdh exclusive
    -Sugar Shake – In The Night (1986)
    -T Connection -You Can Feel The Groove (1984)
    -Man Parrish – Heatstroke (1982)
    -Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me (1985)
    -Klapto – Queen Of The Night (1984)
    -Rene Didden – Space Waves (2019)
    -Madigan – Ice Cold Love (1986)
    -Galvanica – Nightlights In Japan (1987)
    -Mito – Droid (1983)
    -Neo Romantic – I Wanna Wake Up With You (2019)
    -Lala – Johnny, Johnny (1986)
    -Loverde – Die Hard Lover (1982)
    -Style – Telephone (1985)
    -Pizzaman – Sex On The Streets (1995)
    -Eleonora Espago – Flash In The Night (Savino Remix) (1994/2016)
    -Sandra – Maybe Tonight (2012)
    -Val Young – If You Should Ever Be Lonely (1985)
    -File 13 – Taste So Good (1984)
    -Digitronic – Disco Night (1988)
    -Divine/Boney-M – Native Love/Rasputin (Marc Hartman – Apk Mix) (2019)
    -Albert Neve – Interstellar (Italoconnection Remix) (2019)
    -Linda Jo Rizzo & Ken Laszlo – Different Kind Of Magic (2019)
    -Eighth Wonder – I’m Not Scared (1988)
    -Riky Maltese – All The Night (1985)
    -Boystown Gang – Disco Kicks (1981)