Freaky Friday in the MiX, Italo-Disco & High NRG!

Every friday at 20:00 CET we program the best National and International mix Deejays. Italo-Disco & High NRG. Sometimes a classic but most of the time recently made or first on air, here on your Radio Stad den Haag.
Let the weekend begin! Here is this weeks Line-Up;

We start the show with our National Mixer DJ Marc Hartman (Radio 10)
RSDH Classics Mix 22
. With track from BBQ Band, Sharon Red a.o.. Playlist in the comments

Next is DJJW (Jan W. Rijnbeek) with a brand new Shep Pettibone (Am. remixer/producer) mix part 3
With tracks from First Choice, Madonna, Flirts, New Order a.o. Playlist in the comments!

The grande Peter Duijkersloot aka PD closes this line up with a new Back to the Future mix vol 223 A mix of nu-disco, 80’s, disco, deephouse afro & soulfulhouse
You can find Peter on Soundcloud

Re-Run is saturday at 4pm CET !

2 thoughts on “Freaky Friday in the MiX, Italo-Disco & High NRG!

  1. RSDH Classic Mix No.22 playlist
    01. APK Mix Intro
    02. BB & Q Band – Riccochet
    03. BB & Q Band – Imagination.
    04. BB & Q Band – On The Shelf
    05. Shalamar – The Second Time Around
    06. The Whispers – And he Beat Goes On
    07. Sharon Red – Can You Handle It
    08. Montana Sextet – Who Needs Enemies
    09. Jean Carn – Was That All It Was
    10. Michael Jackson – Billy Jean
    11. Madonna – Like A Virgin
    12. Firefly – Your Door
    13. Supernatural – Firefly
    14. Firefly – Do It Dancing
    15. 5 Sinners – Magic
    16. Tortuga – Tip Tap Dancer
    17. Richie Family – I’ll Do My Best
    18. Ronnie Jones – You And i
    19. Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine
    20. Michael Jackson -Thriller (Intro)
    21. APK Mix Outro.
    t.t 55 min 12 sec

  2. DJJW Shep Mix;
    Madonna – Thief of hearts (Dirty hands 12 inch by Shep Pettibone))
    PSB – What have i done to deserve this (Shep pettibone mix)
    Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principle (Dub edit Shep Pettibone)
    The Jets – Cross my broken heart (Extended version Shep Pettibone)
    Nia Peeples – Trouble (12 “ Remix Shep Pettibone)
    Information society – Walking away (Space age mix)
    Madonna – Causing a commotion (Movies house mix)
    First choice – Doctor love
    Cathy Dennis – Just another dream (The dream mix)
    Mico wave – Star search (Shep Pettibone mix)
    New Order – Bizarre love triangle (sheps 12” alternate mix)
    New Order – True faith (Shep Pettibone remix)
    Madonna – Where’s the party (She Pettibone dub)
    Kim Wilde – You came (The Shep Pettibone Mix)
    Phil Collins – Hang in long enough (Pettibone 12”Mix)
    Madonna – Rescue me (Demanding dub)
    Cindy Lauper – Heartbeats (electro dub version)
    The System – I wanne be your lover (luv a holic mix Shep Pettibone)
    Keyma – Tell it to me (Tribal Mix + dub mix Shep Pettibone)
    The Flirts – New toy (Shep Pettibone version)
    PSB – Opportunities (Shep Pettibone Mastermix)
    Michael Mc Donald – All we got (Extended by Shep Pettibone)
    Whitney houston – So emotional (Extended remix)
    Eleanor – Adventure (Shep Pettibone extended mix)
    Paul Mc Cartney – Ou est le soleil (Sample Tub Dub mix)
    Duran Duran – All she wants is (Shep Pettibone extended mix)
    Candido – Jingo (Original Shep Pettibone mix)
    PSB – Heart (Dance mix)
    Phyllis Nelson – I like you (Shep Pettibone Remix)
    Claudja Barry – Down and counting (Extended Mix)
    Will to power – Fading away (Power house mix)
    Bananarama – Preacher man (Sheps dub + club mix)
    Steve Silk Hurley – jack your body (Shep Pettibone mix)
    PSB – Always on my mind – (Sheps house mix)
    Bros – I own you nothing (Shep Pettibone remix)
    Debbie Gibson – Electric Youth ( Sheps house + dub mix)
    Depeche mode – Behind the wheel (Shep Pettibone remix)
    Five Star – The slightest touch (House touch + Slightest dub)
    Dusty Springfield – In private (Dub + remix by Shep Pettibone)
    Five Star – Somewhere somebody (The Shep Pettibone remix)
    PSB – Left to my own devices (shep Pettibone remix)
    Shakespears Sister – Break my heart (Dub mix Shep Pettibone)
    Dusty Springfield – Reputation (Lots of fun 12 “ Mix Shep Pettibone)
    B-52’s – Summer of love (Summer party mix Shep Pettibone)
    Communards – Never can say goodbye (Extended remix Shep Pettibone)
    Elton John – I dont wanna go on like that (Shep Pettibone Mix)