Sunday Live Shows ! 20190630 RECORDED

The last sunday of this month, how time flies but all ways big fun on your radio & so Back on air!. Live from our studio in the Netherlands. The best way to end your weekend. Let’s spin some old school dance tracks and again and again NEW RELEASES. Cams are rolling and chatbox is open!

17-19h CET; DoucheCo with Michiel van der Brugge. He will play the best tracks from the classic hit chart once broadcasted on RSDH. This weeks chart is from June 20, 1987. If you want to see all these charts? Click HERE

Zit je er weer klaar voor? Jullie hebben via facebook je keuze gemaakt en Michiel draait ze uit de enige echte Haagse Flitsende 50 van weleer. Deze week de lijst van 20 juni 1987!

Between 19-20hr a surprise mix made by Eric Benjamin

20-23hr CET… The ever lively, messy, disturbing, crazy request show! Any requests in mind? We gladly give them a spin, Italo, High NRG & electro or even a video.
Click HERE to submit your track.
After the show the playlist will be in the comments and all is in our download section

This evening we have a guest DJ… Jos de Feijter! (JD Jaber in our chat) he all ways brings his best pieces of vinyl and some are rare. What a music season this is, every week new (re) releases. Like tonight.. From Flashback records the new George Aaron-Lovely Fantasy and Ella- In my mind a beautiful classic track!

Then a Swetalo from Niclas Blyh a retro party anthem of 2019; 1984! The classic track OP.8- Butterfly in the Flemming remix on Zyx records and R.A.-Space melody also in a very cool Flemming remix this weekend released on Mothball records thanks to George Hysteric who contacted this Italian artist.

1 thought on “Sunday Live Shows ! 20190630 RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – June 30, 2019.
    -Bolero – I Wish (1984)
    -Doris D & The Pins – Shine Up (1981)
    -Radiorama – Aliens (1986)
    -Kissing The Pink – One Step (1985)
    -Yvonne Kay – Rise Up (For My Love) (1985)
    -Midnight Shift – Stop Me Now (1987)
    -Bryan Baker – Niagara Falls (1985)
    -1984 – In Stylish Hair, We Were Sharp Dressed Men (2019)
    -Rofo – Summer Love (2015)
    -David Grant – Change (1987)
    -Angie Care – Your Mind (1984)
    -Tony Caso – Dancin’ In Heaven (1985)
    -Ella – In My Mind (2019)
    -Orlando – Wasting Water (1994)
    -George Aaron – Lovely Fantasy (2019)
    -Ken Laszlo – Tonight (1985)
    -Mike Mareen – Love Spy (1986)
    -Standaard – Just Try Love Again (2019)
    -Art Of Love – Looking Through The Night (1983)
    -Michael Bedford – Space Boys (2019)
    -OP.8 – Butterfly (Flemming Dalum Remix) (1984/2019)
    -Rygar – Star Tracks (1988)
    -Pardon Moi – The Camera Loves You (2019)
    -Casanova – Tutti Quanti (1985)
    -R.A – Space Melody (Flemming Dalum Remix) (1988/2019)
    -Captain Sensible – Wot (1982)
    -Malcom & Leo – Living In The Dark (1985)
    -Nouvelle Phénomène – Cruel Game (2015)
    -Mac Jr. – Elephant Song (1984)
    -Black Tie – Double Time (1985)
    -Cerrone – Supernature (1977)
    -Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (1985)