Freaky Friday in the MiX, Italo-Disco & High NRG!

Every friday at 20:00 CET we program the best National and International mix Deejays. Italo-Disco & High NRG. Sometimes a classic but most of the time recently made or first on air, here on your Radio Stad den Haag.
Let the weekend begin! Here is this weeks Line-Up;

Peet de Zeeuw aka DJ Freekkie starts this mix evening with a new generation mix part 3 2018 with Linda Jo Rizzo, mr Pauli, Kristian Conde, Robert Camero and more !

DJ Marc Hartman mixes also for National Radio so not the least. We are proud to have him in our ‘collection’. Listen to his classix mix the Giorgio Moroder edition. Playlist is in the comments.

Last in line up this friday mix evening is DJ Elroy. Use the slide show to see the huge playlist of this TMF 90s mix

Re-run saturday at 4pm CET!

1 thought on “Freaky Friday in the MiX, Italo-Disco & High NRG!

  1. RSDH ClassixMix “The Giorgio Moroder “ edition

    01. Intro APK Mix 02. I’m Left, You’re Right She’s Gone 03. First Hand Experience 04. Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2 05. I Wanna Rock You 06. Try Out For The Human Race ( The Sparks) 07. In My Wildest Dreams 08. Harmony (Suzy Lane) 09. Lucky (Donna Summer) 10. Beat The Clock (The Sparks) 11. Midnight (Coldplay) 12. Love Kills (Freddie Mercury) 13. I Feel Love (Donna Summer) 14. Giorgio’s Thema 15. Racer 16. Lost Angeles 17. From Here to Eternity 18. The Chase 19. Playing For Time (Madleen Kane) 20. Outro APK Mix
    T.T 59 Min, 00 Sec