On Saturday we are Out of control !

Today it is National Kings day in Holland, but who cares, for us you are all our Kings and Queens so…
At 16-19:00 CET we re-run our friday night mixes. Too good not to listen again or in case you missed it.

*Andre den Hartog- Rhythm Kitchen Mix 15 (2 Hours)
*Peter Duijkersloot – Back to the future 216
See for all playlists & covers our previous friday post. Enjoy!

20:00-23:00 CET. The king of the night is Tony Renzo! Get that old fashioned 80s feeling in a brand new OUT OF CONTROL RADIO SHOW.

What can you expect tonight;

New tracks like Valery Allington (Dino Soccio Remix), Bad Kingdom, Rozalla, Kid Machine, Italoconnection & Italove. But also a Martin Boer Minimix, a 90s classic, Leon Hartog ‘s Disco Innovation track, Nu disco Tunes and the best Italo classics. The last hour is a mix by Tony himself.
Enjoy the show!