The RSDH Sunday Live On Air Shows ! RECORDED

Back on Air! Welcome to the Sunday live shows of Radio Stad!

Brought to you from our studio in the Netherlands

Allways the best Italo Disco, High NRG & electro, LIVE and from vinyl.

Cams are rolling! Chat is open come and say hello!


17:00 CET – Another episode of DoucheCo show with your host Michiel van der Brugge.

Every week he playes tracks from the classic hit chart (Haagse Flitsende 50) once broadcasted in the 80s on RSDH. The listeners have chosen via facebook.
This weeks chart is the very very first one of this famous chart. Nr1 of 22nd of january 1983from the 5th You can look up all these charts Here.. *click* in our huge database. 

Michiel is er weer klaar voor jij ook? Vandaag platen uit de aller eerste HF 50. ga mee naar 22 januari 1983 ! (De lijst staat ook op onze facebook sites en onder charts hier op de website)

Between 7 & 8pm CET a video/audio mix by The Wingman

20:00 CET-Sundaynight live Request show. Your gang is ready to play all of your requests. Thanks for the tons load of requests! We asked and you gave it to us.. So expect in the rerun tracks from Sylvester, Dario Dellaere, Tom Hooker, Stelee Up, Blancmanche, Simple Minds, Bardeux, Claudia Barry, Tapps and so much more. Playlist in the comments of this post thanks to Rick

Onwijs bedankt voor jullie feedback, tracks werden aangeleverd die je niet vaak hoort of waar je een herinnering aan had,clips ook van  Italo, High NRG of New Gen.  Menno, Gwen en Michiel draaide ze weer voor je. Drankje erbij en gaan!

Let the music play! Geniet van de download!

1 thought on “The RSDH Sunday Live On Air Shows ! RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – Jan. 13, 2019.
    -Tapps – Runaway (With My Love) (1984)
    -Bardeux – Three-Time Lover (1987)
    -Den Harrow – Don’t Break My Heart (1987)
    -Ric Fellini – Welcome To Rimini (1984)
    -Synergic Silence ft. Fred Ventura – Follow Your Instinct (2017)
    -Dario Dell’Aere – Eagles In The Night (1985)
    -Wish Key – Man In The Air (2018)
    -Joey Tempest – Love Chaser (1987)
    -Doctor’s Cat – Feel The Drive
    -Eastbound Expressway – Primitive Desire (1983)
    -Stage – I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind (2009)
    -Sylvester – Won’t You Let Me Love You (1982)
    -Latin Lover – Casanova Action (1985)
    -Espen Kraft – Greyhound (2018)
    -Laserdance – Around The Planet (1988)
    -Miss Kimberly – D.J. Girl (1983)
    -Lizzo – Juice (2018)
    -Astaire – Love Trap (1984)
    -Stelee Up – Waiting For You (1984)
    -Blancmange – Don’t Tell Me (1984)
    -Stephanie Mills – The Medicine Song (1984)
    -Pat Harryson – We Are D.J. Stars (1987)
    -Sister Sledge – Dancing On The Jagged Edge (1985)
    -Andrea – Macho Man (1986)
    -Glass Lady – Glass Lady (1985)
    -Savage – Don’t You Want Me (1994)
    -Simple Minds – New Gold Dream (1982)
    -Tom Hooker – Find A Day And A Time (2018)
    -‘Lectric Funk – Shanghaied (1979)
    -Earth Wind & Fire – And Love Goes On (1980)