The RSDH Sunday Live On Air Shows ! 20181202 RECORDED

Back on Air! Welcome to the Sunday live shows of Radio Stad!

With the best Italo High NRG and New gen music. lets play some vinyl today! Brought to you from our studio in The Netherlands.

Cams are rolling (scroll down)  & chat is open!

17:00 CET – Another episode of DoucheCo show with your host Michiel van der Brugge.

Every week he playes tracks from the classic hit chart (Haagse Flitsende 50) once broadcasted in the 80s on RSDH. The listeners have chosen via facebook.

This weeks chart is from  of october 3rd 1983. A great classic chart. You can look up all these charts Here.. *click* in our huge database. 

Michiel is er weer klaar voor jij ook? ga mee naar 3 oktober 1983, weer een top lijst …(De lijst staat ook op onze facebook sites)





Between 7 & 8 PM CET – On this first sunday of December we treat you wit A live mix set by DJ Lex, with vinyl only! cams are rolling..

And perhaps his girlfriend Ingrid will join him back to back.


20:00 CET…The request show… hand them in guys, we make it your night out so what may we play for you, and some quality please, for bad tracks you have to donate haha 😉 

And also this evening, We play exclusively the re-release of the classic track Rene-Don’t hurt me in the Flemming dalum remix, will be released by ZYX in january 2019. Eurotix has sent us some tracks like Hypnotized, we will share it with you.

Victor Ark makes a lot of tracks and we dont all play them, this evening we do, with i’ll be gone in a flashan older one in a remix by Neon Game. And ofcourse we will play again; Mr. Konrad and Amaze and the new Andermay which were released this week on Blanco Y Negro label.


lets have some fun! Menno, Gwen, Michiel and guests.

1 thought on “The RSDH Sunday Live On Air Shows ! 20181202 RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – Dec. 02, 2018.
    -Radiorama – Aliens (1986)
    -Peter Brown – (Love Is Just) The Game (1984)
    -Cruisin’ Gang – On The Beach Tonight (1984)
    -Kelly Marie – Breakout (1984)
    -Chip Chip – Never Say Goodbye (1986)
    -Twins – Face To Face (1982)
    -Susan Stevens – This Is Love (Disconet Remix) (1983)
    -Brian Krause – Lie Machine (2018)
    -Divina – Baby Blue (1986)
    -Franck Choppin ft. Emphavoice – Pain In My Heart (2018)
    -Manu Avila Muñoz – Native Passion (2018)
    -Primero – Vamos A La Fiesta (1989)
    -Clay Pedrini – This Is My Life (Eddi Mi Ami Remix) (2018)
    -Victor Ark – I’ll Be Gone In A Flash (Remix) (2011/2017)
    -Chris Van Buren – Blackbird (2018)
    -Flemming Dalum – ZYX Italo Disco Mix (2018)
    -Lime – Come And Get Your Love (1982)
    -Miquel Brown – Close To Perfection (1985)
    -Rene – Don’t Hurt Me (Flemming Dalum Remix) (1984/2018)
    -Coo Coo – Upside Down (1988)
    -Pascal Zuger – Mystérieusement (1984)
    -D.D. Sound – She’s Not A Disco Lady (1978)
    -Attack – Crazy For Your Love (1985)
    -Risqué – The Girls Are Back In Town (1982)
    -Tyson – Die On The Dancefloor (2010)
    -Amaze – Feel L’Amore (Eddi Mi Ami Remix (2018)
    -Aleph – I’m On Fire (2018)
    -Kano – Another Life (1983)
    -Cariocas – Batida (1983)
    -Donna Summer – Dinner With Gershwin (1987)