Freaky Friday in the MiX; Italo & Disco from the 80s till now !

Your Weekend Starter, RSDH in the MiX !

Allways the best National and International Italo & High-NRG Deejays

20:00 till  23:00 CET

here is this weeks Line-up of 16 november  2018 ! 


Michael Halve opens the show with ‘On the beats tonight’ part 2. 

Brand new and full of the more unknown freaky Italo tracks.

DJ Michael mixes since the 80s and is also a great writer.

The playlist of Michaels mix is in the comments of this post


Next is a mix by DJ Elroy.  80s Classicmix vol 3 the extended.



DJ Peter Duijkersloot closes this great line-up this friday. In his series ‘And the beat goes on’ Back to the future vol 207. 

Re-run of these mix sessions is saturday at 4pm CET

1 thought on “Freaky Friday in the MiX; Italo & Disco from the 80s till now !

  1. Playlist Michael Hlave on the beats tonight.
    A Love Again (Remix) – Savage
    Are They Really Gonna – Matterhorn Project
    Incantations – G.A.N.G.
    Eye To Eye – Ben Bruce
    Neanderthal Man – U Turn
    Liberation – Fire, Body & Ice
    Make Me Crash – Tozzi
    Living With Passion – Moral Support
    Eurydice – Orphee
    That’s Mine – Gary Richard
    The Adventure – Marzio Dance
    Some Other Place, Some Other Time – Rockets
    You Are The One – Dr. Martini
    Theme From Deep – Flexx
    Cernobyl – Authokino
    Dance To The Music – Don Shelley
    Fugitive – Savage
    Napoleon – Lee Young
    Comet – Diux