The RSDH Sunday Live On Air Shows RECORDED

Back on Air folks! Welcome to the Sunday live shows of Radio Stad!

Brought to you from our studio in The Netherlands.

5-11pm CET, For UK 4-10pm, Mexico 10AM-4pm, USA Canada 11AM-5pm, Malaysia 11PM-5AM

Cams are rolling (scroll down)  & chat is open! lekker plaatjes draaien!!

17:00 CET – Another episode of DoucheCo show with your host Michiel van der Brugge.

Every week he playes tracks from the classic hit chart (Haagse Flitsende 50) once broadcasted in the 80s on RSDH. The listeners have chosen via facebook.

This weeks chart is from October 24 , 1987. You can look up all these charts Here.. *click* in our huge database.

Michiel is er weer klaar voor jij ook? ga mee naar 24 oktober 1987 ….(De lijst staat ook op facebook)

Between 7 & 8 PM CET – A mix





20:00 CET…Drinks ready? Lets spin some records in The Request show. Your  gang is ready to roll..Menno, Gwen, Michiel and guests ..who will ring our doorbell this evening…

PLAYLIST IS IN THE COMMENTS…thank you all for so many requests. Super!

Give us again some input..we love it what you suggest, something rare, something old, some electro or some freestyle, Italo & High NRG…we want it all!

Click on ‘song request’button on top.

We will also play some music videos tonight so join the RSDH-Club guys , we make it your night out

Show will be recorded and will be stored in our download section on top. All our shows are also on mixcloud and our you-tube channel *click*

1 thought on “The RSDH Sunday Live On Air Shows RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – Oct. 21, 2018.
    -M. Basic (Sandy Marton) – Ok Run (1983)
    -Atrium – Over And Over (1987)
    -Beau Sexon – Don’t Tell Me No Lies (1985)
    -Vivien Vee – Americano (1984)
    -Cube – Two Heads Are Better Than One (1982)
    -Tatjana – Chica Cubana (1988)
    -Bunny X – I Never Wanted To Say Goodbye (Remix) (2014/2017)
    -Silver Pozzoli – Love Is The Best (1988)
    -Nouvelle Phénomène – Cruel Game (Remix) (2015) (O)
    -Rose – I Wanna Be Your Love (1988)
    -D. Connection – Easy To Say (1986)
    -Papa Dance – Nasz Disneyland (1988)
    -Gino Soccio – Dancer (1979)
    -Diego – Walk In The Night (1983)
    -New Order – True Faith (1987)
    -Rygar – 24562 Overture (2012)
    -Flirts – Calling All Boys (1982)
    -Tommy Kerisch – Speedy Life (1985)
    -Frank Tavaglione – Tumidanda (Flemming Dalum Remix) (2018)
    -Argentina – Baby Don’t You Break My Heart (1986)
    -Flagio M – I Want Your Love (Remix) (2018)
    -Victor Ark & Magic System DJ – Hypnotic Tango (2015)
    -Man Parrish – Boogie Down Bronx (1984)
    -Fabian Nesti – Heigh Ho (1986)
    -Robert Linn – Let’s Do Holidays (1984)
    -Astaire – Love Trap (1984)
    -Charlotte Gainsbourg – Sylvia Says (Tensnake Remix) (2018)
    -Gina – Let Me Free (1988)
    -Madleen Kane – You Can (1981)
    -Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Afrojack Remix) (2013)