On Saturday we are Out of control !

 Let’s get the party started, every saturday on RSDH!


In the afternoon at 16:00 3hours in the mix with; 

*Tony Renzo – Space Trip Mix (37 min.)

*Elroy heesbeen – 80s Classicsmix Disco mix ext. vers. 1

*Patrick Camphens – Italo mix vol 6

See for all info & Playlists of these mixes our previous friday post

20:00 CET : Get that old fashioned club feeling, Back to the 80s with Tony Renzo!

 the best way to start you saturday evening with Out of Control radio show, only on RSDH ! (re-run of last week)

Stil zitten wordt lastig met Tony zijn show, altijd de lekkerste platen uit je stap tijd; brings back memories 😉

This evening; fabby music from Rufus and Chaka Khan, Cerrone, Astaire, Tuxedo, Skyy, World without end, the Bass bumpers, No ho, Shalamar. A Martin Boer mix, The 90s classic, a great disconet remix and more from the 80s and 90s !

What a great way to start this saturday evening on RSDH !