Freaky Friday in the MiX; Italo & Disco from the 80s till now !

  Your Weekend Starter, RSDH in the MiX !

Allways the best National and International Italo & High-NRG Deejays

20:00 till  23:00 CET

here is this weeks Line-up! 

 Tooooony Renzoooo Our Residential Deejay. This weeks new new new Back To Basics Italo mix, only and first on RSDH! 

Next is DJ Elroy, he made his Italo New Gen Mix vol 6 very recently

Last in this line-up is Jaap de Zoete aka DJ Chez…

this is a mix made in 2016.

Dance All The Way !

Re-run of these mixes is this saturday at 16:00 CET !