The sundaynight live request show RECORDED

Enjoy your summer holidays together with Radio Stad den Haag.

We will keep making our live programs throughout the summer vacation weeks.


Cams are rolling and the chat is open, we make it your night out with the best (new) music, drinks, vinyl, videoclips, friends in the studio and you out there 🙂

At 17:00 CET we have a special made, 3 hour long mix for you.

Andre den Hartog made it especially this week for the occasion, because today there is no DoucheCo live show.

Enjoy this great ‘RSDH-Summer heatwave mix 2018’ !!

Playlist in the comments of this post

At 20:00 we are Live back on Air….

20:00hr CET- Where ever you are, beach, balcony, work, at home .. listen and join the gang broadcasting live from the studio in The Netherlands.

Tonight we have a chatter-listener and friend in the studio bringing his choice of music on vinyl, his name is Oz.

We air the Italian version of En Azul- Andermay – In Bianco , thanks to Sergi Elias of Blanco Y Negro Music.
Also tonight a first, coming out in october on Nadanna records label ; 23rd Underpass-A Chase in the Flemming Dalum remix.
And.. Edy band-Sexy lady in the special Flemming Dalum Zyx mix.
But most of all, we play your requests this evening, we received allready quite a few.

2 thoughts on “The sundaynight live request show RECORDED

  1. Playlist Mix Andre den Hartog;

    Lisa Lisa and the cult jam – Let the beat hit ’em 1991.mp3
    Puff Daddy – Been around the world 1997 AndrÈ van CD.MP3
    Puff Daddy & Faith Evans – Ill Be Missing You.mp3
    Bobby Brown – Humpin’ around 1993 AndrÈ van CD.MP3
    Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight (Full Length Version).MP3
    . Bobby Brown – My Prerogative (12” Extended).mp3
    Giant Steps – Another lover 1989.mp3
    Herb Alpert – Diamonds.mp3
    Rochelle – My Magic man.mp3
    Miko Mission – How Old are you.mp3
    Gazebo – I Like Chopin.mp3
    stephanie mills – medicine song.mp3
    stephanie mills – medicine song.mp3
    Karyn White – Secret Rendezvous 1989.mp3
    winDJammer-tossing and turning.mp3
    Imagination – Changes.mp3
    Tracie Spencer – This house (Drumapella).mp3
    sharon brown – specialize in love.mp3
    Marrs – Pump Up The Volume.mp3
    \dmc may 88 Pump up the volume + Andrew Sisters Ben Liebrand.mp3
    Marrs – Pump Up The Volume.mp3
    King Bee – Back By Dope Demand.mp3
    Total Contrast – Hit And Run 1986 AndrÈ van CD.MP3
    Scritti Politti – Absolute (Extended Version).Mp3
    Ralph Mcdonald – You need more calypso 1985 12 inch.mp3
    Herb Alpert – Keep Your Eye On Me.mp3
    Patrice Rushen – Forget me Nots.mp3
    Michael Jackson – Bad.mp3
    Michael Jackson – Bad.mp3
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Original New York 12 Mix).MP3
    James Brown – Living In America.mp3
    Sugar Hill Gang – Rappers Delight (DMC Remix).wav
    Haywoode – Roses 1985.mp3
    Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Single Version).mp3
    One Way – Let’s Talk.mp3
    Dan Hartman – We Are The Young (Club Version).mp3
    Movieland – Postcard to New York 1986.mp3
    Janet Jackson – Miss You Much (DMC Remix).wav
    anet Jackson – What have you done for me lately.mp3
    jellybean – the mexican.mp3
    the rocksteady crew-(hey you) rock steady crew (extended version).mp3

  2. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – July 29, 2018.
    -Alexander Robotnick – Obsession For The Disco Freaks (2009)
    -Ken Laszlo – (1987)
    -Victor Ark – Let Me Go (2008)
    -Kim Fields – He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (1984)
    -Phrenic – Mischa (Stinkworks Italo Mix) (2000)
    -Rofo – Summer Love (2015)
    -Jm Silk – Shadows Of Your Love (1986)
    -Albert One – Lover Boy (1989)
    -Rozzetta – Fantasy (2004)
    -Boxcar – Freemason (1988)
    -23rd Underpass – The Chase (Flemming Dalum Remix) (okt. 2018)
    -Lee Young – Napoleon (1987)
    -Andermay – In Bianco (2018)
    -Mike Mareen – Don’t Talk To The Snake (1987)
    -Systems In Blue – There’s No Heart (2018)
    -Android – Skydancer (1986)
    -Edy Band – Sexy Lady (Flemming Dalum Remix) (2018)
    -Laura Angel – If You Want (1985)
    -Gil De La Paz – I Wanna Live (1987)
    -Jane Hill – Kiss Her (1985)
    -Robots – Robots In Love (1985)
    -Automatic (13) – Frogs In Spain (1985)
    -Kati Kovács – Kérdés Önmagamhoz (1980)
    -Black Devil (Disco Club) – “H” Friend (1978)
    -Angella – Summer Desire (1984)
    -Tanya Hyde – Herr Wunderbar (1979)
    -Number One Ensemble – Back To Heaven (1980)
    -Shezoray – Are You A Love Maker (1983)
    -Mr Pauli – Dont Want To Be You (2006)
    -Synthi & Gert – Ghostman (1978)
    -Nina – Beyond Memory (2018)
    -Marc Fruttero ft. Polymnia – Hero (2013)
    -Elton John – I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That (1988)
    -Commandant Carlos – The Charm Of Love (1979)
    -Change – Searching (1980)