Saturday’s entertainment is an Out of control Timemachine on RSDH

 Enjoy the music on your station, this day & every day 24/7 and ofcourse our extra programs;


In the afternoon at 16:00 3 mixes 

*DJ Manuel Rios-Julio 2018 (First)

*DJ Marc Hartman-80s Classix APK yearmix 1st ed.

*DJ Dennis Harinck-And this is my house 007


See for all info on this our previous friday post


20:00 CET : A brand new fresh groovy Out Of Control Radio Show hosted by Tony Renzo!

 Again he put a lot of efford in making this show for you all. What’s on tonight!

Soul, funk, disco, remixen & nudisco . Tracks from George Benson, The Manhattan transfer, Dayton, Ralphi Rosario, The Sugar Hill Gang, Atlantic Starr. Also a  Joey Negro remix, Mc Miker G. and Martin Boer in tha mix. Music that keeps you moving. The place 2 be at 20.00 h cet.

Older shows and Back2Basics mixes you can find here and ofcourse in our download section on top! ENJOY TONY!!

22:00h CET; He is back! A fresh new TimeMachine hosted  by the one and only Coen Bom aka Peter van Leeuwen! Filled with tracks from the good old days back in the 90s..Club Classics and new house sounds in a mellow way.

Een nieuwe Timemachine vanavond. Lekker.. met Coen oftewel Peter van leeuwen. (wereldberoemd en bekend van RSDH, Fresh FM, beruchte Haagse Discotheken en platenlabels zoals Combined)

And do join us tomorrow for more live shows starting at

5pm with DoucheCo, 7pm a live mix set with Mark van Dale & Coen Bom & at  8pm the sunday night request show.