Sunday is DoucheCo & The Sunday Night Request Show RECORDED

Back on Air this Sunday! where we belong… !
Live from the RSDH Studio in The Netherlands.
Cams are on & chat is open.

Om 5 uur – Michiel van der Brugge presenteert DoucheCo. Deze week platen van weleer uit de “Haagse Flitsende 50′ van 27 juni 1987.

5-7pm CET – DoucheCo show Live. In this show your host Michiel is using the classic charts called
‘Haagse Flitsende 50’ that was once broadcasted every Saturday on RSDH back in the 80s. This weeks chart is from june 27, 1987. see for all charts HERE

19:00 CET- A  Surprise mixl

20:00 CET – A belated birthday bash of Gwen this evening, just because we can. So Gwens request was… what would you think is a nice track to give to her as a sort of present. Do you all know her well enough? Tell us! Click on ‘Song request’ button now. 

Also this evening the radio exclusive from Flashback records; Verona-Life will never be the same Great track! and new stuff by Eurotix from Sweden and guest dj Jos with his vinyl. Gwen says; THANKS for all the wonderfull music gifts, so many suggestions came in that make again a super playlist. So download it now and see the comments for tonights playlist.

1 thought on “Sunday is DoucheCo & The Sunday Night Request Show RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – June 24, 2018.
    -George Michael – I Want Your Sex (1987)
    -Tom Browne – Funkin For Jamaica (1980)
    -New Italo Sin – Keep The Fire (2018)
    -Paul Sharada – Dancing All The Night (1984)
    -Divine Sounds – What People Do For Money (1984)
    -Yazoo – Situation (1982)
    -Scotch – Money Runner (1986)
    -Steve Allen – Letter From My Heart (1983)
    -Miss Kimberley – D.J. Girl (1983)
    -Fun Fun – Baila Bolero (1986)
    -Ryvon Dj – I’m Gonna Dance (1984)
    -Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities (1985)
    -Flirts – Calling All Boys (1982)
    -Sos Band – Just Be Good To Me (1983)
    -Synergic Silence – Follow Your Instinct (2017)
    -Baltimora – Tarzan Boy (Jumpstyle Remix) (2017)
    -Bolero – I Wish (1984)
    -Verona – Life Will Never Be The Same (2018)
    -Ventura – Touched (1986)
    -Max Coveri – One More Time (1986)
    -Human League – Don’t You Want Me (1981)
    -Patrick Colby – Mandrill (1985)
    -C.C. Catch – Cause You Are Young (1986)
    -Fancy – Bolero (1985)
    -Jaber DJ – Search For You (2018)
    -Torias – Ay-O Mexico (1983)
    -Eurotix – Broken Heart (2018)
    -Mr. Freaky – Out Of My Mind (1988)
    -Ryan Paris – I Wanna Love You Once Again (2010)
    -Mike Rogers – Happy Moon (1986)
    -Hurricanes – Only One Night (1988)
    -Cerrone/Jaydee – Love In Plastic Dreams (Apk Mix)