Disco Dance Department Live with Michiel van der Kuy! RECORDED

Disco Dance Department is back tonight with a special LIVE! show.

André is on holiday now so yet again we have found The One and Only MICHIEL VAN DER KUY to be our co-host tonight.  The story continues as Michiel van der Kuy brings his choice of music mainly from VINYL. Ceronne – Supernature, a great remix from a well known Spargo track, Maggie MacNeal, some productions by Michiel of course and loads of other great music. Of course we have a new Disco Innovations track by Leon Hartog too and he might drop in as well tonight.

Send us your Disco Dance Department request too. Chat is open and cams are on! Join Michiel van der Kuy and Mark Lobensteijn aka Marco Di Luna tonight LIVE! from 20h till 22h cet only on Radio Stad Den Haag www.rsdh.nl

This show was recorded, also in video. It is in our download section. Playlist is in the comments of this post! Don’t miss it!

Disco Dance Department on Spotify.

2 thoughts on “Disco Dance Department Live with Michiel van der Kuy! RECORDED

  1. Playlist Disco Dance Department – May 01, 2018.
    -Space Trax – Atomic Playboy (1991)
    -Yello – Vicious Games (1985)
    -Laserdance – Humanoid Invasion (1986)
    -Kryptonite – Dancing Queen (1982)
    -Lisa – Rocket To Your Heart (1983)
    -Maggie MacNeal – (I Want The) Nighttime (1979)
    -Baby’s Gang – Challenger (1985)
    -Armin Van Buuren ft. Conrad Casual – Sex Love & Water (2018)
    -Koto – Time (1989)
    -Attack – Crazy For Your Love (1985)
    -Tantra – Hills Of Katmandu (1979)
    -Cerrone – Supernature (1977) (+ Marco Di Luna Remix 2018)
    -The Curse – All Systems (Are Go) (1991)
    -John Davis & Monster Orch. – Love Magic (Disco Innovations Edit) (2018)
    -Space – Tender Force (1980)
    -Satin Jackets – Mirage (2017)
    -Vipor – Titty Twister (1997)
    -Stopp – I’m Hungry (1983)
    -Limahl – Only For Love (1983)
    -Spargo – You And Me (MD Dj Remix) (2018)
    -Claudia T – Fatal Destination (1989)
    -Pomp – Kazoo (Dj Isaac Edit) (1999)
    -Cruisin Gang – China Town (1984)
    -Rygar – Star Tracks (1988)
    -Lime – The Party’s Over (1984)