Saturday’s programming is an Out of control Timemachine on RSDH

In the afternoon at 16h CET you can enjoy 3 Italo mixes

* DJ Chez- Italo All the way 55
* DJ Gerardo-New Gen mix 1 
* DJ Juan Carlos Lopez- Disco Set II

(see for all playlists our previous blog on friday)

20h CET :  We rerun  last weeks  fresh Out Of Control Radio show hosted by Tony Renzo!

“Get ready tonight, were gonna make it a night to remember”…..

This week music from Captain Rapp, Jazzy Dee, Goon Squad, Krystol, Colors, Heather Parisi, Freddie James.

Every hour a track from the 90s, the rollator disco record, and Martin Boer in tha mix &…also this week a great disconet remix. The party starts at 20.00h cet so put on your dancing shoes!

22h CET; TimeMachine hosted  by the one and only Peter van Leeuwen! Club Classics and new house sounds in a mellow way.


Een nieuwe Timemachine vanavond. Lekker.. met Peter van leeuwen.


And do join us tomorrow for yet another live show starting at 5pm with DoucheCo, a 8pm the live request show.