The RSDH Sunday live shows ! RECORDED

Back on air this sunday. Let’s have some fun on your radio and  join your gang today Live. Hand in your requests, tell us your stories, we are here for you!

Ben je er klaar voor? Weer zo’n lekkere dag live radio waar jij wat te zeggen hebt. Reageer dus nu voor je verzoekjes en wat er nog meer op je hart ligt. Wij zijn er voor jou!

Om 5 uur kun je live genieten van het programma DoucheCo met Michiel van der Brugge. Hij draait 2 uur lang platen uit de klassieke hit lijst de “Haagse Flitsende 50” Deze week van ..28 januari 1984.

Will be Recorded in audio and video

5-7pm CET... DoucheCo show Live. This week Michiel playes tracks from … 28 januay 1984.
All these classic charts can be looked at HERE

7-8pm CET- A LIVE MIX SET by DJ The Wingman & Renaldo!! Cams are rolling to see these men at work. THIS SHOW IS IN OUR DOWLOADS & on MIXCLOUD

8-11pm CET…Was it a week ago that we met? How times flies. Let us know what you are doing, any track in mind you would like to hear? Drop it now in the ‘Request’ button on top of this website and we will play it, from vinyl or out of our huge data base.  We make it youre night out. We played a variety of disco and Italo this eve. The playlist in now in the comments. Check our download section or mixcloud!

Wij nemen de week weer met je door vanavond, bij kletsen onder het genot van leuke plaatjes draaien, een neutje en chippies. Geef je verzoekjes nu aan ons door! Menno, Gwen, Michiel en gasten in de studio zijn er klaar voor.

1 thought on “The RSDH Sunday live shows ! RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – Jan. 28, 2018.
    -Aleph – I’m On Fire (2018)
    -Roni Griffith – Best Part Of Breaking Up (1982)
    -L.A. Message – Dead Or Alive (1985)
    -Latin Lover – Doctor Love(r) (1987)
    -Rufus ft. Chaka Khan – Do You Love What You Feel (1979)
    -Divine – Native Love (Step By Step) (1982)
    -D. Connection – Easy To Say (1986)
    -Robert Palmer – You Are In My System (1992 Remix)
    -Syntech – Soundly Computed (1988)
    -Dyva – Dyva (2017)
    -Mistral – Neon City (Matt Pop Remix) (2011)
    -Paul Parker – Stop The Hands Of Time (2013)
    -R. Bais – Dial My Number (1985)
    -Bellatrix – Cosmodrome (2017)
    -Fancy – In Shock (Remix) (1985/2015)
    -Scotch – Mirage (1986)
    -Fake – Brick (1985)
    -Nancy Martinez – Move Out (1986)
    -Martin Duvall – All Night (2015)
    -Rick James – Glow (1985)
    -Sylvia – It’sGood To Be The Queen (1982)
    -Curacao – Yiasou (1987)
    -Mister Black – Monnalisa (1987)
    -Ritchie Family – Give Me A Break (1980)
    -Mister Black – Monnalisa (1987)
    -Scott Danesi – Total Nuclear Annihilation (2017)
    -Ciao Fellini – Noche A Bahia (1986)
    -Starcrew 84 – There Was A Time (2017)
    -Change – You Are My Melody (1984)