The RSDH Sunday live shows ! RECORDED

Back on air this sunday. Let’s have some fun on your radio and  join your gang today Live.

Fijn! Het is weer zondag, tijd voor wat gekkigheid op je radio maar ook gewoon goeie programma’s classics en nieuwe muziek vanavond.

Om 5 uur kun je live genieten van het programma DoucheCo met Michiel van der Brugge. Hij draait 2 uur lang platen uit de klassieke hit lijst de “Haagse Flitsende 50” Deze week van 18 januari 1986.

Recorded in audio and video

5-7pm CET... DoucheCo show Live. This week Michiel playes tracks from January 18 1986.
All these classic charts can be looked at HERE

7-8pm CET- A mix by DJ Sies The new Jack mix

8-11pm CET

We made it your night out! Recorded in audio and video… We played lots of your requests and  some new music like Steve Burbon-Universal love, A video medley of new releases by AMD Records, a yet unreleased track on Bordello a parigi label; Luca Dell’Orso-Quattro and so much more great tracks… playlist is in our comments!


1 thought on “The RSDH Sunday live shows ! RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – January 21, 2018.
    -Doctor’s Cat – Feel The Drive (Marc Hartman Apk Mashup) (2017)
    -Steve Arrington – Dancin’ In The Key Of Life (1985)
    -Sweet Connection – Heart To Heart (Big Bird Remix) (1989/1992)
    -Dua Lipa – New Rules (Remix) (2017)
    -Dr. Morbius – I Love You Tonight (2015)
    -Robert Bravo – Keep On Driving (1987)
    -Quinn Martin – One More Mission (1987)
    -Amaya – New Ways (2014)
    -Boys In Space – Universe Of Love (Steve Burbon Remix) (2018)
    -Vivien Vee – Destiny (1983)
    -Disco Bonus – Let Me Love You (2011)
    -Lime – Unexpected Lovers (1985)
    -People Like Us – Midnight Lover (1986)
    -Area 51 – Sonic Mission (2004)
    -Luka Del Orso – Quatro (2018)
    -Alan Fox – Please Don’t Go (1985)
    -Munich Machine – Get On The Funk Train (1977)
    -ALF – Cruisin’ On Melmac Interstate (1987)
    -Scotch – Mirage (1986)
    -Maxthor – Flamingos (2014)
    -Crazy Gang – Every Sunday (1983/2006)
    -Toys For Boys – Your Body, Your Feeling (1989)
    -AMD Records – 2018 Teaser (Joy Peters, Carino Cat, Edy Band)
    -Bazooka – Alive (1984)
    -Sensitive – Driving (1984)
    -Ken Laszlo – Don’t Cry (1986)
    -K.I.D. – I Wanna Piece Of The Action (1982)
    -Camouflage ft. Peter Heppner – Count On Me (2015)