Freaky Friday in the mix pre X Mas

8 till 11pm CET..Radio Stad in the MiX!

Rerun saturday at 4pm CET.

The shortest day is behind us, the holidays ahead of us. Time to be at home and enjoy the best music and programs on your radio. We start the Christmas holidays with great mix sets…. Play it loud and enjoy!

En op deze dag herdenken wij Ger de Goede, de voormalige Stad DJ van het eerste uur, hij overleed 5 jaar geleden…. 

Make waaaay for Mr. Patrick den Hollander, aka DJ Holly.. Enjoy his Italo mix vol 39! Playlist in our comments

Second in line up is a New generation mix made by DJ Elroy Heesbeen.

And the saga continues… Baco & Saco, a new series of fantastic mixes. In the mix 1… just listen

11pm till 2am CET Turbulentie hosted by DJ Mark van Dale and Joey Bananas. The best deephouse sounds.

Stay tuned all the next coming days. We have great shows programmed for you this Christmas. 

4 thoughts on “Freaky Friday in the mix pre X Mas

  1. DJ Holly Playlist

    01 Panorama – War In Love
    02 Funny Twins – You And Me
    03 Radiorama – Desire
    04 Pastry – Lover Boy
    05 Joe Yellow – Runner
    06 Susanne – Give Me Love
    07 Styloo – Why
    08 David Gray – Let’s Dance Tonight
    09 Thomas – You Take Me Up
    10 Lee Marrow – Mr. Fantasy
    11 Fokewulf 190 – Body Heat
    12 L.A. Message – D-D-D-D-Don’t Go (Instr.)
    13 Steve Martin – Roxide
    14 Brian Martin – Sex Tonight
    15 George Aaron – She’s A Devil
    16 Scotch – Disco Band
    17 B. Blase – Shake It Now
    18 Funky Family – Funky Is On
    19 Susanne Meals – Forever
    20 Spagna – Call Me
    21 Reeds – In Your Eyes
    22 Ranko – Happy World
    23 Cyber People – Doctor Faustu’s

  2. Like the picture of Elroy. He is a beautiful man. (And I am straight) 🙂

  3. Haha, Andre’s ’80s series’ would blow the roof off this place. Why not check them out and dedicate a show. They are so well worth it. I listen to little else but his wonderful mixes these days.
    They are all incredible. Right now, I seem to be stuck on #1/4. Maybe forever, lol?

  4. Update: Now deep into “80s” #2. WOW! (An all-nighter party here) Everyone agrees that Andre den Hartog is magical!

    Bless him. Get some of his mixes on the air. He blows away the competition. Many of my friends here in the USA agree. We all love Andre’s work. It is far superior to any others’.
    Beg him for the 80s (4) X 1 hr. works. So amazing, and a beautiful connection with us, the party gang in Norfolk, Va.