Sunday Live shows !! 5-11pm CET RECORDED

Fun Radio every Sunday live. We play those oldschool dance hits and New Gen Italo. With our 4 cams you get this real interactive feeling. Chat is open. Vinyl is ready to be played… Lets get started!

5-7pm CET; Another episode of DoucheCo hosted by Michiel..The best tracks from the classic hit-chart broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s. Today the chart from 2nd of November 1985

De hits op een rij in DoucheCo. Michiel presenteert de klassieke hit lijst
‘de Haagse Flitsende 5-tig’. Vandaag de lijst van 2 november 1985.


7-8pm CET; Live Italo Mix Set by DJ Renaldo and DJ Joop van Wingen (the Wingman).


8-11pm CET; The sunday night live request show. We are ready to roll.

We play the best Italo tracks from vinyl. Ofcourse your requests..hand them in now. Press ‘request’ on top of this page.
vanavond hebben wij een studio vol met gasten en leuke mensen. Kom er dus bij, chat en kijk mee. Wij draaien de lekkerste platen en jouw verzoekjes.

1 thought on “Sunday Live shows !! 5-11pm CET RECORDED

  1. Playlist Stad Sundaynight Live – November 5, 2017.
    -Freeez – I.O.U. (1983)
    -Monika Novak – Living On The Run (2008)
    -Den Harrow – To Meet Me (1983)
    -Colonel Abrams – Trapped (1985)
    -Pino D’Angio – Ma Quale Idea (1980)
    -Human League – The Sound Of The Crowd (1981)
    -Savino DJ – Easy Lover (2016)
    -George Aaron – A Star In The Sky (2016)
    -Baby’s Gang (& Denise) – Disco Maniac (1988)
    -Cleo – Go Go Dynamo (1986)
    -June Saturday – The Girl With Golden Hair (2017)
    -Hugh Bullen – Alisand (1985)
    -Via Verdi – Diamond (1985)
    -Chaka Khan – This Is My Night (1984)
    -Blue Russell – I Wanna Fly Away (1984)
    -Donna Summer – Mac Arthur Park (1978)
    -Scotch – Pictures (1987)
    -Elvin – You Set My Heart On Fire (2017)
    -Bob Robert – Storm In A Teacup (1986)
    -Miko Mission – How Old Are You (1984)
    -Philip – Dream Of Me (1989)
    -Mikrofisch – Mauro Farina (2010)
    -Taracco – Sultana (1984)
    -Karen Silver – I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Again (1984)
    -E.G. Daily – Say It Say It (1985)
    -Laserdance – Power Run (Swedish Remix) (1987)
    -Herbie Hancock – Tell Everybody (1979)
    -Linda Jo Rizzo – Under Fire (2015)
    -Romanelli – Connecting Flight (1982)
    -Gino Soccio – The Visitors (Remix) (1979)