Sunday Live shows !! 5-11pm CET RECORDED

*Fantastico! Het is weer zondag. Zijn jullie klaar voor uren lang heerlijke muziek? Kruip maar dicht tegen je radio aan,  de beste Italo’s, mix sets en nieuwe muziek.
** We bring heat! The best live shows on a sunday. So sit down, relax and enjoy our programs today 🙂 We bring as allways the best Italo’s from vinyl, charts and New Gen!

5-7pm CET; Another episode of DoucheCo hosted by Michiel..The best tracks from the classic hitchart broadcasted on RSDH in the 80s. Today the list of october12, 1985

De hits op een rij in DoucheCo. Michiel presenteert de klassieke lijst ‘Haagse Flitsende 50’. Vandaag 12 oktober 1985

7-8pm CET-A mellow mood mix by DJ Andre
8-11pm CET; The sunday night live request show party time. We celebrated Menno ‘s birthday tonight with lots of friends in the studio and you were invited 🙂 / Menno viert zijn verjaardag in de studio dat even gezellig.

Thanks for a busy chat and lots of viewers. We played a spacesynth compilation made by Marco di Luna, a small lecture on the track Pulstar. And music a.o. from Lisa, Vivian Vee, Odessa, Wishkey, Mirko Hirsch, Italove, Paul Parker, Carino Cat, Victor Ark and Also 2 tracks from the new album Vinylized vol 3 that contains tracks from Raffaele Fiume, Raf Coney and Joey Mauro (AMD Records) thanks to David Lin. Enjoy the recordings!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Live shows !! 5-11pm CET RECORDED

  1. Playlist october 15, 2017.
    -Millennium – Day After Day (2006)
    -Yan Guru – Won’t You Help Me (1986)
    -Maria Vidal – Body Rock (1984)
    -Ken Laszlo – Fire & Ice (2017)
    -Lisa – Rocket To Your Heart (Remix) (1983)
    -Gibson Brothers – Non Stop Dance (1977)
    -Sunbelt – Spin It (1981)
    -CB Milton – It’s A Loving Thing (1994)
    -Lime – Sentimentally Yours (1989)
    -Mirko Hirsch – Pandora’s Box (2011)
    -Rofo – Beach Love (1987)
    -Italove feat. Ken Laszlo – Disco Queen (2014)
    -Vikki Benson – Easy Love (1983)
    -Brian Ice – Talking To The Night (1985)
    -Maggie – Beat Of The Night (1984)
    -Paul Parker – The Man That Fell To Earth (2017)
    -Victor Ark – Coming Back (2007)
    -Vangelis/Ian Coleen/Hipnosis/Koto – Pulstar (1976/2017/1983/1990)
    -Stone – Time (1981)
    -Raffaelle Fiume – Streets Of Heaven (Vinylized Vol-3) (2017)
    -Roni Griffith – Desire (1981)
    -Laserdance – Humanoid Invasion (1986)
    -Joey Mauro feat. Killme Alice – Night Vice (Vinylized Vol-3) (2017)
    -Purple Disco Machine – Body Funk (2017)
    -Wish Key – Last Summer (1986)
    -One System – Life Is Very Short (1987)
    -Odessa – Private Disco Show (2016)
    -Chaplin Band – Il Veliero (1982)
    -Carino Cat – Talk To The Hand (2017)
    -Paul Parker – Right On Target (1982)
    -Human League – Never Let Me Go (Italoconnection Remix) (2010)
    -Den Harrow – Day By Day (1987)