Saturday programming

In the afternoon at 4pm CET you can enjoy our friday mixes again.
*Tony Renzo-Back2Basics 92 (Classic & New Italo)
*DJ Baco & saco- The journey part 1
*Flemming Dalum- Salta & Roma tribute
*Christian Starlight-vol2 mix

8pm CET : Tony Renzo’s Out of control radio show. The best disco floorfillers… (rerun from last saturday)

Enjoy his choice of the best classic disco that make your feet wanna move. Old fashioned radio, just listen and you will know what we mean. It’ll bring back good memories for all of you. 2 Hours of listening pleasure.


NIEUW/NEW !! Every saturday at 10pm CET: Time Machine with DJ Peter van Leeuwen. Forgotten club classic house and mellow.

22:00hr. En wij mogen hem toevoegen aan onze programmering! Coen Bom aka Peter van Leeuwen. Oud Radio Stad Jock en nog veel meer. Terug waar hij is begonnen, bij Stad dus. Luister naar Time Machine. “De juiste balans van classics en ‘vergeten’ tracks, die eigenlijk ten onrechte niet als ‘classic’ worden bestempeld.”

And do join us tomorrow for yet another live show starting at 5pm with DoucheCo and at 8pm The request show with Menno, Gwen, Michiel & Mark. For the best classic and new music in town!