Freaky Friday in the MiX & Turbulentie with Mark van Dale

August 18; Here is Your weekend starter! Every friday the best National and International Italo mix DJ’s 8-11 pm CET

Play it loud! (rerun is saturday at 4pm CET)

(do you also want to be heard on RSDH with a mix, mail to [email protected])

Kick off this eve is as allways by DJ Tony Renzo! This week many tracks by the Dutch trio Digital emotion combined with Italo and US Disco…what a joy!

Next in this Line Up is a real classic mix by the Danish master mixer Flemming Dalum. And indeed a classic by now made in 2008. Flemming used his Italo top favourites which got him into Italo in the early 80s.

99 tracks in 80 minutes! Tracklist in our comments…

Last  in this line up is a 35 min mix containing 2 short mixes; Rippers Delight vol 1 and Bootmix vol6 part 1.

Aprox. 11:00 pm till 2:00 am CET  Turbulentie met Mark van Dale en Joey Bananas. Nice and slow with deephouse sounds . 



1 thought on “Freaky Friday in the MiX & Turbulentie with Mark van Dale

  1. Playlist Flemming Dalum- Italo Classix
    1-The Creatures (2) Spacefly
    2 –Don Shelley Dance To The Music
    3 –Memory Control One Basic
    4 –Modem (2) Valerie
    5 –The Creatures (2) Solar Eclipse
    6 –Xenon (3) Symphony
    7 –Brian Auger Night Train To Nowhere
    8 –Lee Marrow Cannibals
    9 –Sylvi Foster Hookey
    10 –B.W.H. Stop
    11 –Gazebo Wrap The Rock
    12 –Koto Chinese Revenge
    13 –Steel Mind Bad Passion
    14 –Xenon (3) Galaxi
    15 –Kano Ikeya Seki
    16 –Koto Japanese Wargames
    17 –Smiles N. 1,4 Magnetic Dance
    18 –Gaznevada I.C Love Affair
    19 –Mono Band Ghost Town
    20 –Mito Unit
    21 –Blackway New Life
    22 –Paul Paul Good Times
    23 –N.O.I.A. Stranger In A Strange Land
    24 –M Basic OK Run
    25 –Kex Go Go Go
    26 –Steve Davil Shake Me Up
    27 –B Boy* Try Me
    28 –Joe Maran Give Me A Break
    29 –Flexx (2) Love Theme From Flexxy Ball
    30 –Kano Another Life
    31 –Blackway Follow Me
    32 –Tom Hooker Only Love
    33 –The Creatures (2) Digital Rebel
    34 –La Bionda I Wanna Be Your Lover
    35 –Doctor’s Cat Feel The Drive
    36 –Capricorn (3) I Need Love
    37 –Strada (3) It’s The Monkey!!!
    38 –Vivien Vee Blue Disease
    39 –B.W.H. Livin’ Up
    40 –Alexander Robotnik* Problèmes D’Amour
    41 –My Mine Hypnotic Tango
    42 –Diviacchi Waiting For Heaven
    43 –Charlie Spacer Woman
    44 –Trophy Slow Flight
    45 –Styloo* Pretty Face
    46 –Gazebo Masterpiece
    47 –Hipnosis Pulstar
    48 –Mr. Flagio Take A Chance
    49 –’Lectric Workers Robot Is Systematic
    50 –Tommy Bow Dance Tonight
    51 –Ryan Paris Dolce Vita
    52 –M & G Boogie Tonight
    53 –Klein & M.B.O. Wonderful
    54 –Amin-Peck Girl On Me
    55 –Amin-Peck Coda
    56 –Wind (2) Luxury
    57 –Los Angeles T.F. Magical Body
    58 –B.B. & Band Hold Me Tight
    59 –Klapto Mister Game
    60 –Esavu Sia Siou (Breaking Up)
    61 –B. Rose Hey DJ
    62 –Mirage (25) Woman
    63 –Cellophane Music Colours
    64 –Claudio Mingardi Star
    65 –Cellophane Gimme Love
    66 –Thanya Freedom
    67 –Scotch Penguins Invasion
    68 –Moonbase Waiting For A Train
    69 –Doctor’s Cat Watch Out
    70 –Torrevado Waiting For A Shuttle
    71 –Gazebo Love In Your Eyes
    72 –Marzio Dance You Can Do It
    73 –Stopp I’m Hungry
    74 –Valery Allington Stop
    75 –Bo Boss Tequilla
    76 –Marzio Dance D.J.* Rap-O-Hush
    77 –Mark Owen (2) Magic Love
    78 –Dharma (3) Plastic Doll
    79 –Models J.R Robot
    80 –Brand Image Are You Loving?
    81 –Sphinx (2) Collision
    82 –Pink Project Amama
    83 –Lama Love On The Rocks
    84 –Nico Band Let It Show
    85 –Steely Chuck McDonald Dream
    86 –Diana Est Le Louvre
    87 –E.S. Connection Don’t Take Your Time
    88 –Stage (2) Voodoo Dance
    89 –S.P. Clan Get Down (On Love)
    90 –’Lectric Workers The Garden
    91 –LATF* Let Your Body Dance
    92 –The Breakout Crew Breakout Theme
    93 –Marrakech Orchestra Cashbah Boogie
    94 –Delanua* How Many Files
    95 –Peter Richard Walking In The Neon
    96 –Future State (2) Future State
    97 –Easy Going Fear
    98 –Funky Family Funky Is On
    99 –Ken Laszlo Tonight