US DanceTracks Live 20170504 RECORDED

8:30 PM CET
: Live! Prepare yourself for a special edition of US DanceTracks with your host for this evening… Tony Renzo !
Tony is known by his great Back2Basics mixes and his Out Of Control shows on Radio Stad Den Haag.
He wil entertain you while
Maurice Hayes
  and André den Hartog are (separately) on vacation.

US DanceTracks, your favorite US 80’s show live on Radio Stad Den Haag.

Tune in to your favorite battle station for the best new jack swing, electrofunk, hip hop, funk, RnB and freestyle beats.

The item ‘Best of 3’ this evening  Let us know your choice in the chat! Here they are;

Artist is Lillo Thomas with 1. settle down 2. sexy girl or 3. your love got a hold on me

So join us in the chat, watch or listen to tonight’s edition of US DanceTracks.  Spread the word! US DanceTracks LIVE: only on Radio Stad Den Haag. All tracks in this show will be played from vinyl.