Freaky Friday in da mix + Tubulentie with DJ Mark van Dale

Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the RSDH dance night

8 till 11pm CET Freaky Friday in the mix.
11pm till 2am CET  Disco-electro-deep house sounds in Turbulentie with the famous dj Mark van Dale!

Your weekend starts here with Radio Stad den Haag! (scroll)

Superrr mixing skills , enjoy Tony Renzo’s back2basics Italo 73

Manuel Rios from Mexico mixes every month the best New Gen Italo&High NRG for you. Here is March!

This old Radio Stad mix veteran Johan mixed in his old days the best of the best classics and…did it all by hand, the cutting, from vinyl, with taperecorders.. Enjoy Italomix 11

A real classic! (no playlist available)

 11pm till 2am CETTurbulentie with DJ Mark van Dale. Deep house and electro mellow moods. Mark was a former RSDH DJ in the 90s when the house sounds became booming. He is a respected DJ now all over the world and worked with Tiesto, Lucien Foort and DJ Jurgen…Enjoy his show!