Freaky Friday in the Mix!

freak friday Start your weekend here!

With the best mixes from all over the globe.

And we rerun them, on saturdays at 4pm CET

Are you ready for great new stuff mixed with some well known ones in Back2Basics Italo nr. 63 by
DJ Tony Renzo!


avatars-000033449479-mckvgm-t500x500Then a 33 minutes absolute rollercoaster mix made by the Grande mix master Savino Deejay.

Uncountable amount of tracks in this classic pop mix…listen very carefully and try to find all these tracks. (no playlist available)

i-love-the-electronic-80s-mix-1i-love-the-electronic-80s-mix-13-electro-editionAfter Savino 2 short mixes made by N-Thony-N

‘I love the electronic 80s’







demar-marathon-mix-5And the finale is for DeMar.

This guy made allready so many fantastic mixes. Listen to ‘Marathon mix 5 his personal favourite edition’. (Playlist in the comments)

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  1. Audio Format………: MP3
    Bitrate…………..: 320 KBPS
    Hz……………….: 44,100

    Playtime: 60:15 minutes
    Filesize: 137 MB


    1. Passengers – Hot Leather
    2. Patrick Cowley – Megatron Man
    3. Revanche – You Get High In NY City
    4. Twins – Face To Face Heart To Heart
    5. Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity
    6. Koxo – Step By Step
    7. The Flirts – Time Is Right
    8. Lime – Unexpected Lovers
    9. Azoto – Anytime Or Place
    10. Yazoo – Situation
    11. Laserdance – Humanoid Invasion
    12. Risqué – The Girls Are Back In Town
    13. Spacey Macey – Clap Boom
    14. Mike Mareen – Love Spy
    15. Jock Hattle – Crazy Family
    16. Vivian Vee – Give Me A Break
    17. Playback – Space Invaders
    18. Lectric Workers – Robot Is Systematic
    19. Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy
    20. Den Harrow – A Taste Of Love