Get down Saturday night with Club 80s

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11u4 till 7pm CET in the MIX with Radio Stad den Haag.
Missed it this friday? Here it is to enjoy again.

DJ Tony Renzo- Back2Basics 59
DJ Manuel Rios – October mix 2016
Last hour is a surprise mix from our database

12071345_1070891319602530_569970624_n Every other week we play again to enjoy a show with Will Reid.
7 till 10pm CET is for Club 80s on a saturday evening.

Today a show from january 24th 2015…expect Classic and new Italo tunes but most important is your host, it doesnt realy matter what he plays, Will gives you the positive energy you need!

**Make sure you tune in sunday for our live and no where else. We are there for you!**