Saturday; Club 80s with Will Reid.

Missed the friday mixes? Enjoy them now at 4 till 7pm CET

DJ Tony Renzo made a freakin cool mix to honour
Savino DJ
DJ Chez with his monthly Italo all the way mix with a capitol C
Last hour is a surprise from our archives


Will Rrrreid is back on his own throne again on a saturday night at 7pm CET.
Your Scottish host presents an ever lively show every other week. Its is pre-recorded but he will be in his chat on or you can stay here and chat along.
This eve he dedicates the full 120 minutes to New Generation tracks, be they current chart entries, new entries or future entries! This show is part of the ongoing encouragement of members to participate in his and our Club 80s New Generation ItaloNrg Chart. Enjoy the show!