Radio Stad Den Haag Sunday Live shows RECORDINGS.

doucheco5 till 7 pm CET; Michiel is live with 2 hours full of disco from the 80s in DoucheCo


Between 7 & 8 a surprise mix

bar8 till 11pm CET; The sunday night live show with Gwen, Michiel & Guest deejay Tony Renzo with his choice of vinyl.

at 9:30 the spacesynth track. At 10pm a new release! Given to us by Flashback records; Nick Festari with ‘web kills the radio’ and ‘why dont you love me’Absolut smashers! At 10:30 the Stad Marathon minimix, a 5 minute mash up made by The wingman. And,  the BB-Cue record. Given to us by Vonda Boy and it was indeed awfull! A video of the Village people; ready to melt because its soooo bad. Lots of guests in the studio and your requests like Viktor Ark, Fun Fun, My Mine, Lycan, R. Bais, Cube, Its got to be love by Savino DJ and A Avenue-Golden queen in the Savino remix. Thanks Tony and Jos for standing in for Menno.

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