Radio Stad Den Haag sunday live shows RECORDING

11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n5 till 7 pm CET- DoucheCo show with Michiel. A shower full of disco and dance from the 1984

7 till 8pm CET a surprise mix.

We know there is football tonight so if your are watching that..turn of the sound of your tv and listen to us, the best of both worlds 😉
13581977_1345178215495740_5638423654402313396_o114222555 8 till 1pm CET- Sunday night live request show with Menno, Gwen and Michiel. This evening the world primeur of the new Savage on Flashback records. Ofcourse a new Spacesynth track by Chris van Buren and  and we had an interview on the phone all the way to the States with Roni Griffith! She told evrything about Bobby Orlando, Kid Creole & Coconuts and her new music projects! Thanks to Rick who donated the telephone costs. And we played all your requests and new songs like Italove, Claudio, Cruising Gang, Philip, Two man sound, Nu Shooz, Vera, Stylove, Nemesy, Roni Griffith and so much more….enjoy the download

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