For all the non-facebookers

Here some footage as shown also on facebook. As you know the whole RSDH and i Venti crew is moving in a big convoi to Milan this weekend for the biggest Italo Party ever. Marcello celebrates his 30 years i Venti d’Azzurro with nearly all the artists that are luckely still with us but also producers and record label companies and fans from all over the world!13100732_1340036056023372_3154214821763712620_n
The fresh new releases on vinyl are packed, you can buy these in the club on saturday (Santeria Social Club) for only 15 Euros.  And for all our other fans go to the website of i Venti-Records  to order your copy. New stickers have been made to hand out, giant flags to hang in the club aswell as some posters.Your gang is dressed in fresh new shirts. So all set to go. If you stay at home, dont worry, we still have our programming this friday and saturday and a long rerun show on sunday for you.