12472382_1668688400069722_5264416248227807967_nFor nearly 30 years Marcello’s i Venti chart and the brand name i Venti d’Azzurro and Radio stad den Haag go hand in hand.

On may 7 marcello celebrates ‘his’ i Venti birthday in Milan in the Santeria Social Club. Over 40 Italo legends, producers and record companies will be there to celebrate it with him and you at the biggest Italo-party ever! . Order your tickets now! 40 Euros only on
Have a look at the i Venti archives here
Some names that you can expect that evening.
Fred Ventura, Albert One, George Aaron, Anfrando “KOTO” Maiola, Vince “Scotch” Lancini, Clara Moroni, Brand Image, P.Lion, Savage, Italove, Linda Jo “ex-Flirts” Rizzo, Romano Bais, Giancarlo “Aleph” Pasquini, Larabell, Andrea “Bratt Sinclaire” Leonardi, Annerley “Ann Lee” Gordon, Michiel “Laserdance” van der Kuy, Marcello Catalano, Domino, Kaioh, Stefano Castagna, Evelina Somenzi & SCP Team, TQ, Roberto Turatti, Ken Laszlo, J.D.Jaber, Aurelio “Legend” Pitino, Retronic Voice, Giorgio “Atrium” Conti, Angela “Cleo” Parisi, Giancarlo “Swan” Cinelli, Alberto “Styloo” Signorini, Dario dell’Aere, Raffaele Fiume, Robert Camero, Stephan “Juno Gang” Moser, Riccardo Campa, Luca Torchiani, ……… This list still grows longer every day …. No tickets at the door in Milan!!

10422090_488492724668299_1082132984059341904_n En a.s. zaterdag het leukste Hollande Italo Wollebrand. Gratis! Wel even aanmelden bij DJ’s zijn Serge en Zwaartski. Locatie is Kabelskibaan in Honselersdijk.