DoucheCo & Request Show on Sunday DOWNLOADS

It’s sunday folks, a lazy afternoon, you cook some, you drink some, you lay back and we are here for you.

11870738_425725377552300_1460600992500966798_n 5 till 7pm CET DoucheCo Show with your host Michiel van der Brugge.
Back to the danceable 80s and club classics.

Time to reminisce with the Dutch legendary chart ‘de Haagse Flitsende 50’ today 1983

Between 7 and 8pm a surprise mix.


sunday (00000) 8 till 11 pm CET..The live request show. Tell us what you would like to hear, drop a note or track and we will play  and announce it on the air. The gang is not complete, Gwen is on a short trip so Menno and Michiel, with a little help of Corina, are at your service. Menno got hold of a primeur by Mirko Hirsch aka Dario Silver with Down and Out and there was more of Mirko. Ofcourse a spacesynt track, genuine disco, High NRG, eurobeat and classic and new Italo disco from vinyl..enjoy this great show!


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