Saturdays programming


85cf42b1-2fe6-481d-b00d-87c78e426058 4pm CET we re-run our friday mixes.

First you can listen to DJ Renzo with a non Italo mix called Classixx vol. 1
Next in line is DJ AB with a RSDH Mix made last week, a bit dark and a bit lite…


And at 6pm UK, 7pm CET its time for your weekly entertainement with Will Rrrreid and a brand new Club 80s Show, only on RSDH!
With music from Bronski Beat, The Flirts, Fancy, Joy Peters and many more 80s gems, he also includes 3 tracks back to back as a small thanks to Fred Ventura for Thursday’s interview on club 80s. Plus, he showcases some great newer music from Steve Burbon, Mirko Hirsch, Retronic Voice, Vision Talk, Bunny X and more!

Come join him in his chat, 6-8pm UK or chat here with your own friends….