Freaky Friday in the MiX !

freak friday-no time

8pm CET Also in the new year the talented DJ Tony Renzo provides us with the best mixes..
Here is Back2Basics Italo 29!

Back2Basics Italo Mix 29 Tony Renzo

9pm CET All the way from Mexico.. DJ Manuel Rios and his end of the year 2015 mix full of new Generation ‘Italo’. Tracks from Italove, Mirko Hirsch, Kristian Conde, George Aaron and many more. Tracklist in the comments.

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  1. Especial De Fin De Ano 2015 (Dj Manuel Rios).
    Tam Harrow – Not Today, Not Tonight
    Tam Harrow – Vodka Kaboom
    Magic System Dj. – If You Really Love Me
    Amaya – Car Crash ( Ext.Mix Dj. Manuel Rios)
    George Aaron – Change
    Beat Of Paradise Ft. Ratsouk – I`m Alive (Edit. Dj. Manuel Rios)
    Victor Ark Ft. Magic System Dj. – Be My Lover (Vocal Version)
    D. White – One Day (Edit. Dj. Manuel Rios)
    Synergic Silence Feat. Fred Ventura – Love Is My Answer (New Silvi-s Version)
    Miss Plug Inn – Shake Your Body (Edit. Dj. Manuel Rios)
    Night In Wales – Dancing ( Extended Version)
    Raf Coney – I See You Later ( Vocal Version)
    Talking Eyes – In The Sun (Extended Version)
    Lenroy – Give Me A Night
    Avenue – Una Historia De Amor (Up Mix)
    Synthgo – Endless Night (Wow! Extended Mix. Dj. Manuel Rios)
    Birizdo I Am – Mademoiselle (Analogue Dance Mix)
    Italove – Follow Me To Mexico (Retrosynter Rmx)
    Birizdo I Am – Love Is Love (Analogue Dance Mix)
    Ezaro – Dancing In The Night – Remix by The Digital Frequence (Edit. Mix Dj. Manuel Rios)
    Digitalo – Say Yes (Extended Edit. Dj. Manuel Rios)
    Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Disco Machine (Rimini Rimmers Remix)
    Etienne Dalo – Pedalo Disco
    Casandra – Take Me Away ( Birizdo 80s Italo Mix Edit. Intro Dj. Manuel Rios)
    Dixon Feat. Chromeo – Call My Up (Edit. Dj. Manuel Rios)
    ZION Feat. K. Conde – 80s Come Back To Us ( Extended Edit. Dj. Manuel Rios)
    Kristian Conde – Oblivion (Ext. Intro Wow! Rmx Dj. Manuel Rios)
    Some Bizzare – Love In A Summer Night (Vocal Version) Edit. Dj. Manuel Rios
    Nation In Blue – Have You Got What It Takes (Extended Version)
    Nation In Blue – Your Saviour I Will Be (Maxi Version)
    Kristian Conde – Dolce Vita (Michael Nolen Remix)
    The Crosslines – Tired Of Waiting (Long Version)
    Mirko Hirsch – The Power Of Desire
    Linda Jo Rizzo – Under Fire