Saturdays Programming

Halloween2012banner41Saturday is full of treats…

freak friday-no time4pm CET Our Freaky Friday mixes in the re-run

See for playlists our pevious blog.

** Tony Renzo- Back2Basics Italo vol 20

**DJ Manuel Rias – Por el puro entojo part 9 mix



And at 7pm CET (wintertime europe) our monthly chart, The new generation Italo Top 40!
You have voted and today you will hear this month nr 1. Will reid is your ever charming host from Scotland. Thanks for voting. you will hear music by Linda Jo Rizzo, Martin Blix, Peter Wilson, Costas Andriopoulos, Mirko Hirsch, Debra Gaynor, Frank Lozano, Kristian Conde, International, VANELLO and anew Six-mix this evening.
Chat with Will in his chat room on the C80s site or here at RSDH. Enjoy the new generation sound.