The i Venti d´Azzurro live show

1794583_1616880318544474_8317841739758661546_nThis monday evening the i Venti live show is aired from the Radio Stad den Haag studio.

With Paolo Jay, Michiel and Menno. Marcello isnt aible to attend the show tonite.  Old School disco from Italy and dance made in Italy.

8 till 9 pm CET Michiel with the warming up
and 9 till 11pm CET the i Venti show.

Watch the show live and feel free to use the chat.


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3 thoughts on “The i Venti d´Azzurro live show

  1. Marcello was on the show , well at least the end of it.
    I just don’t know why did the broadcast end it when finally he arrived .
    Oh well at lest he should be back on Dizgo Radio , my # 1 radio station.

    1. Marcello had to work the whole evening and the show ends at 2300pm cet, allways, also when they record it from Dizgo radio. And Marcello lives in the house of the Radio Stad den Haag studio, thats why he came in..he came home, thats what you saw. I hope you still enjoyed the show.

  2. Hello Gwen and thank you for taking the time to reply.
    Just thought that maybe someone did not notice Marcello and end the broadcast to soon.
    Oh well sorry for the trouble and yes i did enjoy the show.