Freaky Friday in the MiX!


Here is your weekly weekend starter @ Radio Stad ! 8 till 11 pm CEST.

DJ Tony Renzo – Back2basics vol. 10 Another smashing mix!

Back2Basics Mix 10 Tony Renzo

DJ Martin Verlaan aka Mart-Mix.  His work is distinguished by a unique mixing style, unexpected blending of songs and an unusually wide range of tempo in one program. Martmixes are extremely well arranged, the job is done in the distinctive Dutch mega-mixing style.

The first mix you hear by Mart-Mix is Italo Disco DJ Mix vol 1


The second mix by Martin Verlaan is a label mix- The Flashback Mix

DJ Seva Ergrover – With a brand new mix of Italo Space & Dance  – The Guru Synth Mix

Seva’s Playlist is in the comments of this post.


We rerun these mixes this saturday at 4pm CEST.



1 thought on “Freaky Friday in the MiX!

  1. Playlist Seva
    01.Proxyon — Space Force
    02.Protonic Storm — True Love
    03.Stefan Bieri — Destanation Orbit
    04.Klass Bijland — Moonlander
    05.Cyber Space — Future Vision Attack
    06.Galactic Warriors — Rocket Attack
    07.Synthesis — Sunbeam
    08.TDHDriver — Space Strike
    09.Macrocosm — Morning In The Dark
    10.T Hagfors — Bottes Vernal Dance
    11.H Robertson — Time (Synthmix)
    12.Cats Disco Lab — Digital World
    13.Bellatrix — True Love
    14.Macrocosm — Insomnian Satellite
    15.Magic Studio — Final megamix