Freaky Friday in the MiX!

logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11u8pm CEST….It’s hot and sticky outside so let’s party with the best mixes,

it’s Summer!!

We start with Tony Renzo and Back to Basics Italo Mix vol.2

Back2Basics Italo Mix 2 Tony Renzo

Then the monthly mix especially made for RSDH by DJ Chez, Italo all the way vol 32..what a great playlist.


indexAnd the end of this friday show is for Seva Ergrover with his home made Italo Space Dance Mix.

The re-run is this saturday at 4pm CEST.

1 thought on “Freaky Friday in the MiX!

  1. Dj Seva Ergrover – ItaloSpaceDance(Back Future Mix)

    01.Noizz Factor — Counting Star
    02.Monte Kristo — The Girl Of Lucifer
    03.Bonfeel Electro Band — I Dont Know
    04.Ernesto — Russian Girl
    05.Dj Kramnik — Italo Disco Fan
    06.Corvallis — Tagliagole
    07.Sinthmagik — Summertime
    08.RetroSynther — Hard Reset
    09.Strange Robots — Prince Of Eternia
    10.Captaine System — Everytime
    11.Crazy Time — Discomusic is Movin
    12.Playng Space — Big In japan
    13.Waveshaper — 1982 Space Program
    14.Bonfeel Electro Band — Give Me The Night
    15.Huso K. — Mr.Fusion
    16.Cj Rise — Absence Of Gravity

    ………….. Dj Seva Ergrover 2015…………………

    for R.S.D.H. 🙂