RSDH Freaky Friday in the MiX !

8pm CEST : 4 MIXES THIS FRIDAY EVENING and we re-run them this saturday at 4pm CET.

DJ Ferry S with 80s Tme Machine

va-80coversongs2014c1p5bMr. Ian Nguyen aka DJ BPM from the USA with his 18 minutes Fancy Megamix made in 2015



DJ Joey and C.C. Catch mix 2015….more German bunga bunga :p

3e0a4f5515707d2261f3a324d9faa975And last but not least DJ Seva with this weeks new Italo Space dance mix, playlist is in our comments…


Listen also tomorrow evening for the monthly New Generation Top 40 by Will Reid!

1 thought on “RSDH Freaky Friday in the MiX !

  1. sevaDjhome – ItaloSpaceDance (Return Mix)

    01.Elsiane –- Vaporous (Digimax Galactic Voyage Mix)
    02.Marco Rochowski — Orbit Of Fire (remix)
    03.Space Project – Abandoned Places
    04.Synthesis — Another World
    05.Vocoderion — Intergalactic Race
    06.Rygar – The Eagle
    07.Marco Rochowski — Cosmic Renaissance (Remix)
    08.Galactic Warriors — No Return
    09.Es15 — The Return
    10.Amateras – Behind the Space (dance edit)
    11.Brayan Master Mix –- 3th Alien (SpaceSynth)
    12.Mark Vera –- Adroid People (Low Battery Mix)
    13.Telex23 –- Faeton
    14.Marcel De Van –- (Exlusive The Mix vol.1)