Freaky Friday in the MiX

The RSDH mix night starts at 8pm CEST. We re-run these mixes this saturday at 4pm CEST. Enjoy!

He is back! From Finland mr. Janne Ojala aka dj JanZu with a new Italo mix nr. 7


The Dutch DJ Scott Martin made this mix two years ago, the Multimix of the 80’s. Let him surprise you.

mmx-80sAnd from the Ukraine…every week we go into space with DJ Seva’s Italo Space Dance mix. (playlist in the comments)


1 thought on “Freaky Friday in the MiX

  1. Dj Seva Ergrover – ItaloSpaceDance (Mix2Mix)

    1.Mix /- Robotic Attacks – Robot its here (SevaDjmix) /

    01.- Invasion
    02.- Force of Gravity
    03.- Landing
    04.- Connecting to the Universe
    05.- First Contact
    06.- Logic
    07.- Electronic Races
    08.- In Motion
    09.- Bad Signal
    10.- Automatic Sense

    2.MIx /- LAZERTANCE – S.P.A.C.E. Endlos (SevaDjmix) /

    01.- Flying Thru Ze S.P.A.C.E
    02.- S.P.A.C.E. Endlos
    03.- Ze Messier Nebula
    04.- Thulean Moonbase

    …………….Seva Ergrover 2015……………………..