Become a friend of RSDH.

2-SHIRT_LOGOweb_donate_pagebuttonOf course by listening and your great comments we know you naturally are our friend, but sometimes we need some extra support.

Since we are on the internet, for 13 years now, Radio Stad den Haag  is as you might know, a non-profit making community who works only with volonteers.

We have no source of  money  coming into us via sponsorship nor advertising sources either.

We choose to run this station , website and more importantly Radio Shows along these lines to avoid annoying radio commercials spoiling the music every 10 minutes or to have outside influences dictating either the way the shows are run or the content within each programme that is broadcast. We call that Free radio!

But none of this comes free, unfortunately everthing has a price tag on it and we want to give the best quality that is possible with internet radio.

With this in mind, can we ask you for your support to help us to keep going and bring you the music you tell us that you love .

If you can donate to help fund us for another year then that would be awesome !!

No matter how big or small the amount every little helps us to keep going for that little bit longer.

Simply click the  “Donate” button to your right. Thank you so much ,and to all of our brilliant previous supporters,  for your appreciation! You’re generosity is helping to keep us up & running!

The RSDH Team.


1 thought on “Become a friend of RSDH.

  1. Wow..thanks Robert Oorstwijn, Peter Orre, Mats Johansson and Lars Kristian for your donations!