RSDH Freaky Friday in the MiX + Extra Will Reid show

Get your weekend starter here! At Radio Stad you hear the best new and classic mixes,
every friday at 8pm and saturday at 4pm CET.

But first we start at 6pm CEST with a rerun show from last night that was broadcasted on Radio Crash and presented by Will Reid. So dont mind the other station calls..ignore them ;-).

The at 8pm we have a DJ Ripper’s Classic mix. DJ Ripper, or just Joop, is a great mixer. You can also watch him live at our Radio Stad studio nearly every last sunday of the month in a mix session.


Then…summer is on its way, so what do we need? Sabadell sound. Here a mix by MMG from Spain ’80s Spanish connection MAXI’.


And we go into orbit with Seva Ergrover with his new Italo Space Dance mix called ‘Star-night’. Playlist in the comments.

This saturday at 4pm CEST the re-run of these mixes followed by a special extra show from Will Reid at 19:00pm CEST.


1 thought on “RSDH Freaky Friday in the MiX + Extra Will Reid show

  1. sevaDjhome – ItaloSpaceDance ( Star Night mix )

    01.Spacebirds — Starlords
    02.SZMC — Velocity (Spacesynth version)
    03.Earmake — Miami Chase
    04.Surreal Identity — Connect Dimensions
    05.Everdune — Nemesis Conquer Final
    06.Galaxion — Through Space
    07.Megus — Space Inside
    08.Everdune — Reach for the Skies
    09.Spacesynth Club — Future Vibes
    10.Earmake — Midnight Dream
    11.Szadok — Mgla
    12.Synthaurion — Rebelion
    13.Captain Obvious — Ninth Verse
    14.Baryonic Collision — Hymn of the Spacefaring Toaste
    15.Earmake — Miami Night