Freaky Friday in da MiX!

Thank God its Friiiidaaaayyy! And here is your weekend

At 20:00pm CET a mix RSDH80s music, The best high NRG vol.1 by the Hard Musik 1


Then…Flemming Dalum, the master of cut from Denmark with Endless Nostalgia made in 2012. (playlist in our comments)


And from the Ukraine..DJ Seva made a fresh new Italo Space Dance mix; Attak. (playlist in our comments)


The re-run of these mixes is this saturday at 16:00pm CET.

And do not forget, also this saturday the monthly New generation Italo Top 40 presented by Will Reid..19:00 pm CET.

1 thought on “Freaky Friday in da MiX!

  1. Playlist Flemming Dalum Endless Nostalgia;

    Hildegard – Gay (Disco Magic)
    Daiano – I Ragazzi Di Citta’ (Dischi Recordi S.P.A.)
    Hildegard – Satanicamente (Disco Magic)
    Claudio – Crazy In The Night (Paradise Rec)
    Three Of You (T.O.Y.) – New Life (Mvd Rec)
    Laura Angel – Summer Time (Disco In)
    Special Dj Italo Trax – 116 Bpm – Bijou Productions
    Flavia Fortunato – Se Tu Vuoi (Yep Rec)
    Laura Angel – If You Want (Disco In)
    Special Dj Italo Trax – 118 Bpm – Bijou Productions
    Minnie And The Underfunk – Lover Baby (Sysma Rec)
    Modern Life – Time In Your Mind (Videoradio)
    Special Dj Italo Trax – 120 Bpm – Bijou Productions
    Martin Mixo – Staff’s Stuff (Rca)
    N.A.T.O. – Monsieur Le President (It Rec)
    Samedi – The Darker Side (Canned Music)
    Beatrice – Africa (Not On Label Lu 001 B)
    L.D.C. Music – Love Is A Paradise (Bajona Rec)
    Messena – Spiagge Che Si Affollano (Dig-It Rec)
    Central Unit – Saturday Nite (Data Corporation)

    sevaDjhome – Attak mix playlist

    1.Electron Wolf Riders — Wolf Riders
    2.Aquatone — Galactic Dolphins
    3.X-Plosion — Zero Point
    4.Staffan Hman — Back To Alderaan
    5.Laserdance — Humanoid Invasion (Dance Mix)
    6.X-Plosion — Rocket
    7.Laser Lights — Aser Lights
    8.Overstar – verstar
    9.My First Spacesynth — Y First Spacesynth
    10.Sounddrookie — Drive
    11.Chirs van Buren — Powerrun (Laserdance cover)
    12.Lahniz — Solar Winds
    13.X-Plosion — Zone X