FreakY FridaY in the MiX

We start at 20:00 pm CET with Janne aka dj JanZu from Finland. A great mix for the spring full off the well known Italo Tracks

Italo Mastermix vol copy

And then the ‘King of cuts’ mr Flemming Dalum and the Immortal flight of the 80s. 70 Minutes of most unreleased and rare Italo-electro tracks, from darkness to the light….(tracklist in the comments)


The finally is for DJ Seva and the Laser Dance Mix, lots of Italo-spacesynth tracks. (playlist is in the comments)


We re-run these mixes this saturday at 16:00 pm CET

2 thoughts on “FreakY FridaY in the MiX

  1. Date: 24th of December 2011Flemming Dalum
    Length: 70 minutes
    Size: 160.24 MB
    Quality: 320kbps

    KID MACHINE – Night Freaks (Unreleased)
    ELECTRIC SHOCK – This Is The Beat (Subway 1989)
    KID MACHINE – Cold Planet (Unreleased)
    VIDEO LISZT – Ektakröm Killer (Epic 1981)
    CASIONOVA – Xenon Fantasy (Unreleased)
    SAVAGE – Only You NEW REMIX (Klub80 2011)
    TEKNOKRATS – Basement Ouverture (1989)
    KID MACHINE – Return To Space (Unreleased)
    VIDEO LISZT – The Tube (Epic 1981)
    RADAR – Una Splendida Emicrania (WEA Italiana S.p.A. 1982)
    VIDEO LISZT – Photoflex (Epic 1981)
    CASIONOVA – 4M Operator (Unreleased)
    PICNIC AT THE WHITEHOUSE – We Need Protection (CBS 1986)
    FRED VENTURA – When I Let You Down K&C edit (Unreleased)
    MARK TURNER & LORENS GOODMAN – Live Your Life (Getton Box 1983)
    DE-DE-MO – Cause I Need You I Love You (Queen’s Club Disco 1984)
    TOM HAGEN – Atomic (Thick 1984)
    NEMESY – You Can You Can (Bootlegs 1985)
    SAVINO – Lena’s Run CR edit (Unreleased)
    SUZIE AND THE CUBANS – I Feel It (Popular 1987)
    MARIO MORETTI – Safety Station (Upcoming Bordello A Parigi release)
    FIREFLY – Kiss Power (Mr. Disc Organization 1982)
    DANIELA ALVERMAN – Who Does (Disco In 1982)
    SALTA & DALUM – Theme From Immortal Flight (Unreleased)
    BLACK MAGIC DISCO – Axel Def (Relux Rimini 2012)
    D.CARRED – You’ll Be A Winner LECTRIC DUB (Bordello A Parigi 2011)
    BONEY STYLE – Sará Bello MARCELLO edit (Disco In 1982)
    INFINITY NIGHT – Sequenzer dream (Unreleased)

  2. sevaDjhome – LASER DANCE mix

    1.Playing Space – Laser Dance
    2.Abbsynth – Noise of a Planet
    3.Ernesto – Over The Time
    4.Galaxy Hunter – My Juliet
    5.Playing Space – Star Kaleidoscop
    6.Ernesto & Fancy – Bolero
    7.Killstar – Starlight
    8.Vestron Vulture – California Star
    9.Vicenzo Salvia – Chromelove
    10.Ken Martina – Goodbye
    11.Garth Knight – Sanctuary
    12.Falcon – Spacetripping
    13.We Love Dolce Vita – Bluethunder
    14.Sometimes – Syndrome
    15.Ken Martina – Anothe melody

    ………. Seva Ergrover 2015 ………….