RSDH ‘Good’ Friday in da MiX!

Check in at 20:00 PM CET for 3 hours mix pleasure this friday to start your easter Weekend.
We re-run these mixes saturday at 16:00 PM CET!

We start with 2 High Energy sets by dj Roger Master. The first is 30 minutes and the second 45 minutes.
(No Playlist available)

DJ Girl 4logo_inthemix_by_alisonsilvagraphic-d4zf11u

Then a brand New DJ Chez (Jaap de Zoete) he made his first new Generation Mix…Nice!! Very Nice.

11116151_10204046024653560_1626918116_nAnd the finally is ofcourse for DJ Seva with his Italo Space Dance Mix.

11081697_1417502651893336_256741507_nsevaDjhome – ItaloSpaceDance ( Cyber Mix )

1.Cybermatic – Alien Invasion
2.Extragalactic – Star Stuff
3.Galactic Warrios – Return Of The Warrior
4.Space Project – StarFighter (Vocal Remix)
5.Mflex – Long Hibernation
6.Mechanical Prinipe – Laser Love
7.J&A – Trust Me Tonight
8.Cyberman – Space Village
9.Michiel Van Der Kuy – Let,s go to Tokyo (Vocal be TQ)
10.Dreamtime – Retrological Mind

11.Mflex – Where The Kids Are ( italo connection edit / feat.Blondfire)
12.Mulperi – Never Forget
13.Tommy Sun – No More in Love ( Dutch instrumental mix)