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Join us the whole day dear listeners this is whats coming up…

Please notice  that we changed to summertime last night from 2AM to 3AM CET

RequestSong-Button-Buzz2At 17:00pm CET Michiel presents ‘DoucheCo’ 1 hour full of old school disco from the 80s using the classic chart de Haagse Flitsende 50.


DJ Joop & DJ Renaldo2014-02-26 19.59.54

At 18:00pm CET DJ Joop and DJ Renaldo in a 2 hours live mix session!
Watch them down here.

And at 20:00pm CET (2pm US)Your Live Request show, 3 hours full of your requested songs, new releases, small talk and guests. We played a new track from Ryan Paris, some i Venti tacks like Jimmy Mc Foy and Luis, the new TQ-Kickstart and your requests including Lian Ross, M-Flex, Lime, Hurts and many many more.Thanks for mailing us. We also announced that Albert One is coming to us on the 24th of may to introduce his new track on i Venti Records.

Vanavond als gast Haagse Peter. Peter zat in de jaren 80 bij de piraat Radio Veronica, Radio Telstar en Telstar TV, dus gegarandeerd mooie verhalen.
This program is also broadcasted on DizGo Radio fm.

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