RSDH Freaky Friday in the MiX

Here is your weekend starter!

He is back..from Ice cold Finland, DJ JanZu at 8pm CET

Mastermix vol.5

Then from Belgium, a new kid on the block with a mix made for RSDH by

DJ No Sleep Richy / additional synths by Guy Tallo
(Playlist you can find in the comments)


And last but never the least DJ Seva Ergrover.

He made a special mix for you and us with an exclusive track by himself and his German friend called Cyber Space.
Listen to his latest Electro Dance Mix…

(You can find his playlist in the comments of this blog)


This saturday you can listen to the re-run of these mixes… At 16:00 PM CET and at 19:00 PM CET Wil Reids Club 80s show.


1 thought on “RSDH Freaky Friday in the MiX

  1. Playlist DJ Richy

    RSDH mix by No Sleep Richy / additional synths by Guy Tallo

    -Joy Peters ; Don’t Lose Your Heart Toninght -Image : Hot Stuff -The Hacker ; You -Dr Cat : Feel the Drive -the Creatures ; believe in yourself -Chip Chip : Everything you Love -Hypnotic Samba -Terra & Tallo : Als ik Jou -Diviacchi ; waiting for Heaven -Hot Cold :I Can Hear Your Voice -Moses ; We just -The Hasbeens ; make the world go away -Matia Bazar : ti Sento -Yello : Lost Again -Helen ; Witch -BOX20th : Midnight Horror -Marsha Raven ; Catch Me -Hazell Dean : Searchin’ -Cristalli Liquidi : Volevi una hit

    Playlist Seva Ergrover;

    1.Cyber Space & Ergrover – Space Music Box
    2.TDHDriver – The Brigth Wave
    3.Dreamtime – Aurelia
    4.Cyber Space – In The Beginning
    5.Staffan Ohman – No Disco
    6.Bellatrix – Cyber Storm
    7.Anosphere – One And All
    8.Synthesis – Dark Zone
    9.Galaxy Hunter – Apollo 1969
    10.Galactic Warriors – Asian Revenge
    11.Proxyon – Space Force
    12.Steven Heartfile – Smile On Dancefloor
    13.Cats Disco Lab – Cyber Laboratorium
    14.Oblivion – Return To Home Planet
    15.Krzychu – Syntetica