Freaky Friday in the MiX!

Here is your weekend starter..Let’s celebrate Spring with some smasher mixes from 08:00 till 22:30 PM CET.

Paolo Aldini from France with his 4th Disco Mix.


Then the Final mix in the Baldeejays series from this veteran duo; Peet Need & Dennis van der Berg.
Strictly straight up Italo hammers! Shortly released on Bordello a Parigi label.

And the finally is for Seva Ergrover with Italo Space Dance Mix


Playlist Seva Space Fly Mix 2015

1.TDHDriver – East Fly / 2.Bellatrix – Transmission / 3.T Lacy – Between The Asteroids / 4.Macrocosm – Energetic Ride
5.Rygar – Space Raiders / 6.Synthesis – Unlimited Force /7.Anosphere – Nation of Love / 8.Vanello – Puppets
9.Thomas Horke – 4th Dimension / 10.Jukke Lundqvist – Earth & Universe / 11.J.Schipper – In Cyber Space
12.Magic Studio – Light Cycle

The re-run of these 3 mixes is this saturday at 04:00 PM CET, so befor dinner.. followed by a brand new Club 80s Show by Will Reid at 19:00 PM CET