Freaky Friday in the MiX!

Lets start your weekend here, with Radio Stad in the MiX!

At 8pm cet another great mix by DJ Ron, with all the funky disco ingredients so you cant stop moving…

MIX 2015-01-116 (Ron Bunschoten)

At 9pm cet, a new kid on the block with his first Italo Mix ever..he knows his way with mixing, he made a lot for National Radio, but does he manage Italo??? Judge yourself, DJ C.O.D.O (Coen Donders) is the guy.


We close the line up with our friend from the Ukraine, despite his situation over there he manages every week to make us a Italo-Space-Dance-Mix, lets hear it for Seva Ergrover…

index                     10689948_1480350952223920_1413258458896055970_n

We re-run these mixes this saturday at 4pm warm you up for a new Club 80s by Will Reid.

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    Playlis DJ CODO

    1.Symphony of love (Intro)
    byFair Control
    2.Que nose
    byMagazine 60
    3.Vampires (swedish remix)
    4.La isla bonita
    5.Foreign affairs
    byJ.T and the big familie
    6.Lancelot (sample)
    byValerie Dore
    7.Take the love (club mix)
    byR. Bais
    8.Just wanna touch me
    9.Breakdown (vocal 12 inch version)
    byRay cooper
    10.Forever Lovers (extended vocal version)
    byItalian boys
    11.Come back (Disco versioin)
    byJimmy and Suzie
    12.Passenger (Extended version)
    13.Don`t stop (vocal version)
    byLee marrow
    14.Strangers in the night (flashback remix)
    15.Can`t hold back (original mix)
    16.Magic Carrillon
    byKey west
    18.All night (extended version)
    19.Take it as a game
    byEvelyn Barry (Extended vocal swedish)
    byKen Laszlo
    21.Midnight Girl
    byItalian Boys
    22.I like chopin (12 inch)
    23.Bronx (maxi version) (sample)
    byCamaro`s gang
    24.I can feel it
    byRex abe
    25.Don`t give up (Italion connection remix)
    byFred Ventura
    26.The night
    byValerie Dore
    27.Hey mr dj (12 inch version)
    byLoco Loco
    28.You and I
    29.When I let you down
    byRobert Tomasi
    30.Love`s just a game
    byHot Cold
    31.Shy like an Angel (12 inch)
    byNew Romantique
    32.Scratch my name (Extended)
    byCreative Connection
    33.Do it
    byDigital Ram
    34.Just one word (Sample)
    byLinda jo Rizzo
    35.Die walkure (remix)
    by49 ers
    36.The walkman
    37.House machine
    byDj Lelwel
    38.Calling mr. Telephone
    byAnswering Service
    39.Moving for love (club version)
    40.Electrica Salsa (Extended)
    41.I can hear your voice (vocal extended mix)
    byHot Cold
    42.She`s dancing alone
    byMode one
    43.Love for Russia (Exten ded)
    byEddy Huntington
    44.Give a little love (maxi version)
    45.Feel the drive
    byDoctor`s Cat
    46.Florida (move your feet)
    byPaul Sharada
    47.I`m singing again (vocal version)
    byWilson Ferguson
    48.Goodbey (Extended Power mix)
    byAldo Lesina
    49.Dance tonight
    byDuke Lake